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For this exercise, I branded a fictional company called Fan Style Meats. I focused as if the company was growing and expanding their products into supermarkets regionally. The history of this fictitious company is that they are a small family-owned business creating quality products. This company has been around for decades, but are just starting to position themselves as a regional company.

The Identity

While the company is fake, I wanted to position Fan Style Meats with a focus on a heritage of providing premium meats and the nostalgia of the golden days of baseball. What goes together better that baseball and hotdogs? The logo will work with modern applications, such as social media, but maintains a vintage feel. The identity celebrates the heritage of the brand, and the packaging distinguishes itself on crowded store shelves.

Fan Style Logo on Red BackgroundEmporia CVB Visitors Guide magazine DesignEmporia CVB Visitors Guide magazine DesignFan Style IdentityEmporia CVB Visitors Guide magazine Design

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