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Small Business Brand Road Map

I’ve created a 4-step process to discover a brand’s core identity and positioning. With this process, you can differentiate yourself from the competition and grow your brand.

This guide helps you:

  • Discover your brand's position
  • Find your audience
  • Raise awareness of your brand
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Win over the competition by learning how to position your small business's brand.

Define your brand

Branding is vitally important for business of all sizes. It is what differentiates you from your competition, allows you to grow your audience, and charge higher prices. Unfortunately, hiring an expert can be too expensive for many small businesses. This self-guided road map will teach you how to define your brand yourself. It will give you the tools you need to build your brand.

Discover your brand

In this guide, you will learn step-by-step how to position your business. You will learn who you are as a brand, who your customers are, and the best ways to market to them that fit your budget and abilities.

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Find your audience

Discover your ideal audience and focus your energy on customers that are ready to convert.

Prioritize your marketing

Find ways to make people aware of your business and discover which marketing techniques you should put your time and money into.

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Discover the true north of your brand.

Discover your position

Learn how to position your business. Establish a brand voice that is different from your competition, and brings your audience to you.

Find your customers

Discover how to identify the people who will most likely engage with your brand. To build your Brand Tribe, you have to first identify your audience.

Raise your brand's awareness

There are thousands of ways to market your brand, but not all of them will work for you. Find the best ways to spend your marketing dollars in ways that will actually increase your ROI.

clarify and Prioritize your business's future.

Download the Small Business Brand Road Map and start planning your business's future. These simple, easy to understand exercises will give your brand a clear vision. And it is 100% FREE!

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Strategy led design for destinations and businesses.

I help companies and communities discover their brand and connect with their customers. Branding is a process of discovering who you are as a company and who your customers are, and then building strategies to connect the two.

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