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Flint Hills Community Health Center, located in Emporia, KS, was having branding problems. The health center had several issues that needed to be solved. First, they had a very long name that was forgettable, plus many of their competitors in Northeast Kansas also used the name Flint Hills. Second, the community still referred to the health center as the Lyon County Health Department. Lastly, due to these issues, it was thought of a health provider of last resort.

Our solution

To solve these problem, I created a brand strategy for the company, showing where they could compete and allowing them to position themselves successfully in the marketplace. Based off that position, I engaged the whole company to rename the health center to CareArc. With the new name and position, we created a brand identity, website, and marketing materials.

Healthcare without the headaches

Strategy and Renaming

To create brand strategy, we had to first understand who the health centers patients were, what problems the health center can solve for them, and how to meet them where they are at. That was accomplished through research and strategy meeting where we discovered key attributes of the health center and its audience.

In order to achieve buy in from the health center's staff on the name change, everyone was invited to participate in the process. One of the staff submitted names eventually became the new name for the health center, CareArc.

Brand and Identity

The brand of CareArc was modernized. We focused on the problems that people have with healthcare and tried to solve them. CareArc is positioned has a health center for those who are busy with life, so they provide many healthcare services conveniently and affordably under one roof, so people can get back to living their life without the hassle.


CareArc's website is its most important marketing tool, and in the past it was underutilized. The website was rebuild from the ground up with the user's journey in mind. We added more functionality, keyword focused content, and optimized its SEO.

The website now attracts new patients and in some cases, is the deciding factor when choosing a new provider.

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