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Identity Design

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Identity Design
Bottom Line Construction & Development


The purpose of this project was to update the identity of Bottom Line Construction & Development to match their brand story. BLCD is a proud minority woman-owned construction company in the New York City area. In a male dominated industry, we wanted to immediately differentiate the company from its competitors, while visually portraying the core values of BLCD; professionalism, building communities, and focusing on the people that live in those communities.

By solving the problem of the logo and identity being misaligned with BLCD’s brand, it allows their audience to better connect to the brand on an emotional level and communicate its deep ties to the community that it serves.

The Identity

The identity of Bottom Line Construction & Development is bright and iconic. The icon is instantly recognizable as a profile of a Black woman. The circle represents community and all that it encompasses.

The identity of the company's owner and her ideals are not hidden behind a bland corporate persona. In fact, it is a major selling point of the company.

Bottom Line IconBottom Line IconBottom Line StationaryBottom Line wordmark on glassBottom Line Van

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